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Folk Tales From Niemandsland

glass palette

I’m showing new work at Buckland Merrifield Gallery in Saint John, New Brunswick in August. The opening will be August 19, 2016. Some of the work that will be shown can be seen under Paintings / New Work and the other 3 works I’ll put on here once the show opens. I’m cagey that way…

You can read a wee li’l bit about it here.


Interview with Julia Wright

This interview appeared in the June 20, 2016 edition of the Telegraph Journal. No point linking to the article, as the Telegraph Journal lives behind a paywall so alienating it would make Rupert Murdoch blush. Anyway, thanks so much to Julia Wright for the piece. It was a great chat, and I appreciate the interest in and support for my work she has shown.

Grant Interview 1


Grant Interview 2

New work coming soon…

Observing a Moveable Feast, detail

Come out of the woods…

My lovely friend Julie posted this about me on her blog back in June. I don’t know why I haven’t linked to this earlier; I think I’ve only just begun applying what I’m learning about marketing in my job to my own little space.

I have to say, yes I don’t spell my name with an ‘s’, but I love this type of tiny error, I find it quite beautiful. Of course she spells it this way–we met in Germany where people spell Elizabeth with an ‘s’ and we met through mutual friends and long conversations sitting on the Helmholtzplatz–we weren’t setting up a bank account. It is the ‘hand of the other’ and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Ah well then, enjoy. Her blog is a beautiful cabinet with many drawers to look through…

Come out of the woods…

Come Out Of The Woods